To my followers

   date: 2012-10-26 time: 20:16:00
I love you. Every time I get a new follower, or see the number of the amount of people who visit my blog and it has increased, I'm sooo happy. Thank you.
But it makes me sad when I look at some of your instagrams and see your UGWs are waaay below healthy. Or that you're on extreme, unhealthy diets.
I would've hoped that if you followed me you may have seen what you risk with these extreme diets and unhealthy goals. They are a HUGE risk factor for EDs. And EDs are really, really not where you wanna go. They don't make you happy, pretty, sexy, fit, whatever you're aiming for. They make you miserable, more miserable than you can imagine. They make your weight fluctuate like crazy. They make you look unhealthy, bloated, covered in bruises, hairy. They create lasting, very unglamorous internal problems. You can't enjoy yourself. You won't be young, wild, free, or any of those stereotypes. You'll be falling apart while your non-ED friends have fun.
Sorry if this sounds accusatory. I don't mean that. I just really, really don't want you to go through that. The sooner you can prevent it, the better.
So please, if you follow me/read my blog... Think about what your goals are. Be aware of the risks of extreme dieting. Be aware of the risks of unhealthy GWs. Xoxo 

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