I'll be drunk again, to feel a little love

   date: 2012-11-15 time: 18:21:00
What am I doing at the moment? Everything besides what I really should be doing. And that's pretty much almost always my answer to that question, I've come to realize. Is that a bad thing?
To be more specific I'm lying in my bed in a comfy hoodie without pants (sorry for TMI), thinking about a whole lot of stuff including if I should be doing my homework. Which obviously needs to be done, but as always I'm procrastinating.
I've been having a lot of thoughts today like always, but now they can't seem to be remembered. I guess they will bombard me when I'm going to sleep tonight, like always. While that subject is up; I slept on the floor tonight. NO I DIDN'T FELL OUT OF MY BED AND ACCIDENTLY LANDED ON THE FLOOR AND THOUGHT 'I'M TOO LAZY TO GET UP AGAIN I'LL JUST SLEEP HERE INSTEAD'. I just didn't like my bed last night. It was seriously SO FREAKING HOT in it so I thought "ugh, I'll just sleep on the floor". I deserve some kind of award for my wierdness, seriously. It was actually comfortable. Except for when I woke up and it felt as if someone had beaten the crap out of me. And it was cold too. I should probably stop writing now.
My plans before going to sleep is;
  • to get my homework done
  • to exercise
  • to take a shower
  • to clean up in my room BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A MESS ugh
  • to try to answer more of you're questions
  • to eat dinner
  • to look through some blogs
HAHA EXCUSE THE PIC - howeveeeer: I'll just spend a few more minutes lying here listening to Ed Sheeran while thinking about my life before I get started BECAUSE LET'S FACE IT, I really don't want to do any of the things I have to.

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