Health benefits of oatmeal

   date: 2012-10-07 time: 23:57:00
One of the most wonderful gifts' nature has provided to mankind, oatmeal has been carrying the legacy of its steaming hot goodness for breakfast for as long as anyone can remember. And now we know why! Studies have shown that the health benefits of oatmeal are so many that it is one of those few foods that are known as super foods. It has been said that incorporating a bowl of oatmeal into your diet every day can really set you on the right path for a healthy living. A few of the primary health benefits of oatmeal are as follows.
It has been said that high levels of cholesterol can contribute greatly to cardiovascular diseases and be harmful for the human body. Eating foods like oatmeal that are rich in fiber help overcome this problem because they absorb cholesterol. Oatmeal contains the soluble kind of fiber which forms a clear yet sticky gel like substance which settles in your gut, and this in turn traps and because of that clears out the cholesterol from your system.
How will you ever lose that weight if your appetite is never ending and you just can't stop eating? The answer is oatmeal. One of the major health benefits of oatmeal is that it helps you control your appetite in that the beta-glucan compound in oatmeal increases the hunger fighting hormones in your body giving you the ability to resist those hunger pangs and because of that lose weight more easily.
It has been said that colon cancer has been known to kill about fifty thousand adults every single year. The spread of cancer can be prevented by the consumption and use of antioxidants which prevent the growth and spread of those compounds which cause cancer. One of the most important benefits of oatmeal is that it is comprised entirely of oats which are an important source of the antioxidant avenanthramides which can help to protect you from contracting colon cancer.
Another amazing benefit of oatmeal is that its consumption help protect you from type 2 diabetes. This is one of the most common diseases in the world today and unhealthy eating habits are no help in this regard. However, it has been shown that eating oatmeal, a rich source of oats, can protect you from this disease because the oats are very effective in maintaining blood glucose levels steady.
Another one of the oatmeal benefits is that it is a rich source of nutrients. It is full of minerals, vitamins and other compounds that are essential for your body like iron, complex carbohydrates and protein. Think of it this way, one large bowl of oatmeal at breakfast ensures that you meet all your dietary demands naturally and don’t have to take those supplementary pills to do so.

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