nO number seventeen

   date: 2013-05-10 time: 14:18:00
harry gets home from work late on your anniversary even though he promised he'd be home early so you're angry because you had created a romantic meal and everything for him
you heard the door click open so you storm over to your room and hide under the sheets hoping he would leave you alone but minutes later you hear a knock on the door
"babe?" harry's voice echos but you ignore it then before you know it you have a hand caressing your back
"piss off harry" you groan turning over even further from him but then he starts to place soft kisses on the soft spot on your neck and you bite your lip trying your hardest not to moan he moves his lips slowly down your neck til' he reaches your chest
he grabs you by the side and flips you over as his green orbs stare into your soul
you give him a death stare but before anyone could break the silence he crashes his lips to yours and it was harry so you couldn't help your sexual frustration towards him and you kissed him back with hunger grabbing his neck and pulling him even closer til' there was no space between you
he broke it "i'm sorry baby" he whispered before returning to the kiss
you went to lift up his shirt but he stopped you "firstly i have something planned" he smirked picking you up right then and there chucking you over his shoulder
you screamed but he wouldn't let you go so you gave in letting him guide you to wherever until you reached a rooftop with the nightsky full of stars clear over a picnic that was set up for you
he led you over and let you down "this is why you were late..." you whispered under your breath
he only nodded taking your hand and rubbing small circles in it "happy anniversary baby" he smiled as he crashed his lips to yours

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