January Exercise Schedule

   date: 2013-01-01 time: 15:48:19
New year, new calendar! Welcome to January 2013! This month, I bring you three workout calendars: the basic version asks for one or two workouts a day, the student version asks for more while you’re on break or on the weekends, and the beginner calendar follows a 4 days on/1 day off plan. (If you’d like to make any plan a bit more challenging, add in HIIT for cardio on days of your choosing.) Whatever plan you choose, and feel free to change whenever you’d like, the directions are simple: find the current date on the calendar, see what workout(s) it asks for, and pick one from each section listed for that date. For example, if today it says “Arms” and “General,” I’d find an arm workout and a general workout to do today.
During the month, remember that you should take as many rest days as you need, modify any workouts that you cannot do, stay hydrated, get more low-intensity cardio, and eat well.
Any of the calendars can be modified. If you are training for a half-marathon, feel free to count that as your cardio on cardio days. If you’re sore in the arms from helping a friend move, substitute a butt workout instead. It’s all about you!

Lean Arms Workout v.1
Lean Arms Workout v.2
Tone Those Triceps!
Weight-Free Arms
Arms Workout
All About Arms
Dumbbells, Smart Arms
Beginner Arms

Inner Thigh Toner
Tame Those Thighs
Kill Those Legs!
Your Best Butt
Thigh Toner
Dancer’s Legs Workout
Legs Workout
5 Minute Butt Blaster
Legs For Days
Shapely Squats
Beach Babe Booty
Get Those Glutes

All-Over Abs
1-2-3 Ab Workout
Quick Challenge
I Seek Obliques
Abs Challenge
Intense Abs
Waist Trimmer
Ballet Abs
Flat Abs Workout
Lower Ab Attack
Easy Abs

Student Workouts
Wake Up Warm Up
Full Body Meltdown
Absolute Beginner Workout
Fat Blaster
Quiet Workout
Coffee Break Workout
All-Over Workout
Whole Body Workout
Morning Angel Workout
No Space? No Problem!
Basic Dumbbell Workout
Full Body Workout
One-Song Workouts
50 Up, 50 Down
Morning Workouts
Leveled Workouts
Count Up, Count Down
Strength and Cardio
Water Bottle Workout
Workout Challenge for the Absolute Beginner

Weather Workout
Quick Workout
Digital Clock Workout

Leveled Cardio
One-Room Cardio
All-Cardio Challenge
Cardio Circuit
Killer Kardio
Beginner Cardio
Kick-It Cardio!
Basic Cardio

One Room HIIT
20-Minute HIIT
Interval for Beginners
Interval Running

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