date: 2013-01-14 time: 20:10:02
16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
No, I definitely wouldn't.
55. Favourite blog?
Uhm, I'm not following anyone to the stalking level (like checking every day), but I love Kayla's blog {odolnost.tumblr.com}, Ally's blog {agirlnamedally.tumblr.com}, Tamara's blog {gaintheirjealosy.tumblr.com}, and Heather's blog {harryspankme.tumblr.com}.
57. Favourite food?
This is such a hard question because I can't discriminate food can I?! I love food, but I guess I could say salad since there are endless variations and also salmon because I simply adore it, yum! There's not much I don't enjoy eating though.
146. Was today a good day?
Ugh, no it really wasn't. Actually it was one of the worst days ever, but I'm not gonna rant about it and put you in a bad mood too! Tomorrow's a new day, so let's hope and pray that it will outweigh the bad things that has happened today. Life is fantastic :')

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