Motivate yourself for a winter run

   date: 2012-12-29 time: 18:58:20
  • Warm up your clothes: Pop your sports bra, shirts, pants, and even your socks in the dryer for a couple minutes. Slipping on warm gear is sure to get rid of that chill you have when looking out your window into the cold.
  • Warm up yourself: Take a quick shower allowing the hot water to envelope your skin, being careful not to get your hair wet. It'll warm your body and get your muscles ready to move.
  • Warm up inside: Once you're dressed properly for a cold-weather workout, do your warm-up inside rather than outside. Run up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks or a round of push-ups, or whatever you need to do to get your heart rate up without getting sweaty. You'll feel warm and loosened up when you step out the door, and you can start running right away to stay warm. Here are warm-up ideas that can be done indoors (even in a small apartment space!).
  • Blast a tune that speaks to you: Whether it's Beyoncé, Adele, or Pitbull that lights a fire inside you, use your favorite upbeat song to get you psyched for a run. You can dance and scream lyrics as you slip on your sports bra and sneaks. This is a great technique when you're really not feeling a run because it can instantly flip a switch and help you head out the door fast. Continue the musical motivation by listening to a newly crafted running mix.
  • Go for a change of scenery: Running the same neighborhood loop every week? No wonder you're not excited to run. Mix up your running route every few workouts for some inspiration.
  • Schedule a date with a fitness buddy: Having trouble motivating yourself? Then use a friend to help. If you make a date to meet outside for a run, you can't make excuses and back down.
  • Shop for new gear: Whether you go big and buy a new merino wool shirt or just splurge on a new pair of warm running socks, the idea of slipping on new gear is sure to inspire you to get outside. New gear will not only give you the kick in the pants you need, but it'll also make your runs more comfortable, which will help motivate tomorrow's workout. 

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