Less Commonly Known Eating Disorders

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Orthorexia: defined as an obsession with "healthy or righteous eating".
  • An individual dealing with Orthorexia fixates on defining the "right" foods, foods that can be safely eaten.
  • They will spend just as much time and energy thinking about food as someone with Bulimia or Anorexia. They may not think about calories, but they think about the overall "health benefits" and how the food was processed, prepared, etc. Individuals with Orthorexia tend not to eat out as much because they do not trust the preparation of foods other than what they have prepared.
  • The obsession for healthy foods could come from a number of sources such as family habits, society trends, economic problems, recent illness, or even just hearing something negative about a food type or group, which then leads them to ultimately eliminate the food or foods from their diet.
  • Something to keep in mind: The severe restrictive nature of Orthorexia has the potential to morph into Anorexia.
Bigorexia: a disorder in which a person constantly obsesses and/or worries about being too small, underdeveloped, and/or underweight.
  • Typically those that have Bigorexia are not frail or underdeveloped at all. They actually have large muscle mass and will obsess about having the perfect physique. They will believe their muscles are inadequate. Bigorexia has also been known as muscle dysmorphia, Reverse Anorexia, or Adonis Complex. 
  • This disorder is a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and is related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Those with Bigorexia constantly obsess over their imperfections, further distorting their perception of themselves. This will significantly impair the person’s mood often causing depression or feelings of disgust.
  • Both men and women can be affected by this disorder, although men are most susceptible.
Night Eating Syndrome: primarily characterizes an ongoing, persistent pattern of late-night binge eating. The individual may not be aware at the time of what they are doing when they are eating.
  • Unlike binge eating, which is done in relatively short episodes, NES involves continual eating throughout the evening.

There are of course more than just these… but they are a few of the less commonly known eating disorders. Anorexia and Bulimia are not the only eating disorders out there.

For more information on these and other eating disorders, go to Alliance for Eating Disorders and search the LEFT column for different types.

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I've created a personal blog so this blog will only be dedicated to health and fitness! Check it out and let me know what you think about it so far :) Click the picture and you'll be transferred to it!

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Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

   date: 2012-11-24 time: 09:55:00
Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps with Capers and Tomatoes (makes about 4 servings or 8 individual wraps)
 285-340 g (10-12 oz) good quality canned tuna
 ½ dl (1/4 cup) mayo or light mayo
 1 tsp Dijon mustard
 1 tbsp lemon juice
 1/4 tsp celery seed
 1/4 tsp salt
 1 dl (½ cup) finely chopped celery
 1 tbsp capers, chopped
 2 green onions, thinly sliced
 8 large lettuce leaves, washed and dried (romaine, iceberg or butter lettuce will work for this)
 1 dl (½ cup) chopped cherry tomatoes (optional)
Drain tuna into a fine-mesh strainer and press down to drain out the oil (or water if you use water-packed tuna).  While tuna drains stir together the mayo, Dijon, lemon juice, celery seed, and salt. Cut lettuce apart and pick out 8 large leaves (I used two heads of romaine and kept the smaller inner leaves for salad greens). Wash lettuce and spin dry in a salad spinner or dry with paper towels. Chop the celery and capers and thinly slice the green onions. Chop tomatoes if using. When the tuna has drained, put it in a bowl (with a snap-tight lid if you won't be eating it all at once). Stir in the dressing until it's well-distributed in the tuna, then mix in the celery, capers, and green onions. Fill lettuce leaves with the tuna mixture, garnish with cherry tomatoes, and eat with your hands. This kept well in the fridge for several days.
Recipe from this blog.

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My tips on fitting exercise into your busy schedule

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Schedule it - Mark it on your calendar or planner and treat it as an important meeting, not to be missed!
Wake up earlier - For a lot of people, waking up earlier than normal is a horrible inconvenience...but it's also a great way to get a workout in before your day has even oficially begun!
Keep your workout gear close-by - By keeping a set of workout clothes in your car at all times, you give yourself NO excuse not to hit the gym after school or work. Just swing by the gym on your way home.
No gym? No problem! - BodyRockTV on Youtube has AWESOME, intense, at-home workouts that you can do for $0 and minimal time! There are also a massive amount of workout DVDs available online.
Avoid the elevator - You can burn extra calories by skipping modern conveniences. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far away, not in front of the store, skip the car and take your bike etc.
Take breaks - Get up from your desk, stretch and go for a quick walk to the coffee machine or the water fountain. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy, so give yourself a break.
Use time wisely - While you're waiting for the shower to heat up or your ride to arrive, do jumping jacks, pushups, squats, burpees.. anything you feel like to get your body moving. At least it's SOMETHING.
Squeeze it in - Even if you don't have one giant block of time, you can squeeze in 10 minutes here and there of something like Yoga, Pilates or Tabata style workouts.
On the phone? Walk! - Don't sit if you spend a lot of time on the phone. When given the opportunity, walk and talk.
If exercise and health is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. You've only got one body, take care of it!

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Chocolate Almond Butter

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Chocolate Almond Butter (makes about 3½ dl [1 ½ cups])
 1 dl (½ cup) semisweet or dark chocolate chips
 6 dl (2 ½ cups) whole roasted salted almonds
 1 tbsp melted virgin coconut oil (optional)
Place chocolate chips in a small microwaveable bowl. Microwave in 20-second intervals, stirring in between intervals, until the chocolate is almost completely smooth and melted. Stopping before the chocolate is completely melted ensures the chocolate will not burn. Stir the chocolate until completely smooth. Set aside. Add almonds to the bowl of a food processor. Process until nuts are finely ground. Continue processing until the ground almonds come together and turn into a peanut butter-like consistency, or the nuts clump together in a ball in the processor, about 5 minutes. If the nuts are still powdery, keep processing. Pour melted chocolate over ground almonds and pulse until combined. If the chocolate almond butter is too dry, add the coconut oil and process to combine.
Recipe from this blog.

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Nutrition Scares

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FAT WILL MAKE ME FAT. Well, yeah…fat will make you fat if you choose to eat fried foods or foods that measure high in saturated fats or even worse - trans fats. Be wary of food labels which exclaim that their food product is “trans fat free!”. There may still be a miniscule amount, and this claim does not necessarily make the food healthy. It's important to make fat a part of your everyday diet, but choose good fats that come from foods like nuts, salmon, and olive oil for example.
CARBOHYDRATES WILL MAKE ME FAT. Sure, cutting back on carbohydrate intake will aid in short-term weight loss. Why? Well, you will lose water weight from a decrease in carbohydrate stores. However, carbohydrates are essential in providing the body with energy, so in the long run, you may feel lethargic (tired). The key is to choose good-for-you complex carbs like whole grains, legumes, and fruits - be wary of imposter whole grain/wheat products. Your best bet is to choose foods that also contain fiber to help keep you full longer. What you should not do is choose bad-for-you simple carbs like donuts, cake, and candy.
SNACKING WILL MAKE ME FAT. Snacking in between meals helps to regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day and can actually aid in weight loss. Snacking will curb cravings and keep hunger at bay before it's time for your next full meal, where you will also be less likely to overeat. The key is to only eat when you are truly hungry and not just because it is available, you find yourself stressed, or you simple have nothing better to do. Also, if you are going to snack, do it right by choosing low calorie (100-250 calories), nutrient dense foods like Greek yogurt with fruit for example. A snack is basically a mini-meal.
COFFEE WILL RUIN MY HEALTH. This is true if you choose to order dessert with a little bit of coffee. What I mean is, do not order a sugary, high fat, coffee drink piled high with whipped cream and drizzled indulgences like chocolate and caramel. Regular coffee is beneficial in that it provides antioxidants, gives your metabolism a little boost, and helps reduce the risk of certain diseases, disorders, and illnesses - stroke, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease are just some examples. So, go ahead and brew a fresh cup of Joe. However, be careful not to drink too much. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which may increase the likelihood of dehydration from frequent urination. That is nothing good old H2O is not able to fix!
THINKING ABOUT FOOD WILL MAKE ME OBSESSED. If you think about food, you are going to want to eat all of the time, right? Wrong. Thinking about food allows you to conjure up a list of HEALTHY options for your next snack or meal. This will give you optimal time to prepare meals, shop right, and eat healthy. Otherwise, you are likely to grab ‘n go. “Pull around to the next window please.” Mindless eating is a huge contributor towards weight gain and obesity. Always, always, always be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Think of your body like a car. A car needs gas to drive like your body needs food for energy. Tainted gas will ruin your car’s engine, and the same idea goes for your body.
DESSERT WILL DERAIL EVERYTHING. This is true if you choose to eat dessert after every meal. And no, I am not referring to a little piece of dark chocolate or a small cup of fat free sorbet. I'm talking about the desserts that makes our sweet tooth quiver. Completely eliminating foods that you love will only make you want them more, and you will be more likely to binge eat. If it's not dessert you are craving, maybe it's something else that you have eliminated from your diet. Regardless, treat yourself occasionally, once per week at the very least. The key of this concept is to not overdo it at one given splurge meal. You can opt for lower calorie options, or this is a perfect time to remember that sharing is caring. Enjoy every morsel and toss guilt aside.
RED MEAT IS BAD FOR MY HEART. Bacon and hot dogs are 2 prime examples of meat choices that are not good for you. But, there is no reason to eliminate red meat from your diet if that is something you enjoy eating. Just stop eating processed red meat and choose lean cuts of red meat. Red meat is a complete protein, rich in iron, thiamin and riboflavin, and provides the body with essential amino acids - building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. Like I have already said, the key is to choose very lean cuts of red meat or trim excess fat for maximum benefits. For example, you can eat 85 g (3 oz) of red meat with a heaping side of vegetables and a slice of whole grain bread for dinner.
EGGS WILL RAISE MY CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. This is probably one of the biggest assumptions that's floating around the world of nutrition. The cholesterol contained within an egg has very little effect on the cholesterol levels of your blood. They are chalk full of vitamins, minerals, and protein. And, they are cheap! So crack an egg open, let it sizzle on a hot pan, and enjoy an amazing super food for breakfast - a great way to rev up your metabolism. You can also boil eggs, store them in the fridge, and use them as salad toppers, a grab ‘n go snack, etc.
EATING AT NIGHT WILL MAKE ME FAT. I'm not sure what universe compiled the notion that calories consumed at night are believed to be more caloric. A calorie is a calorie no matter what time of day they are consumed. What does matter is how many calories you consume throughout any given day as a whole. Mindless eating (snacking) is a big occurrence during prime time hours, so that may be the prime reasoning behind this nutritional myth. If you want a snack, eat a snack. However, be careful. Portioning out the snack before you sit down to watch television will aid in the prevention of overeating.

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How to help a friend with an eating disorder

   date: 2012-11-19 time: 18:35:18
Helping a love one with an eating disorder
If you notice the warning signs of an eating disorder in a friend or family member, you may be hesitant to say anything out of fear that you're mistaken, or that you'll say the wrong thing, or you might alienate the person. Although it's undeniably difficult to bring up such a delicate subject, don't let these worries keep you from voicing valid concerns.
People with eating disorders are often afraid to ask for help. Some are struggling just as much as you are to find a way to start a conversation about their problem, while others have such low self-esteem they simply don't feel that they deserve any help. Eating disorders will only get worse without treatment, and the physical and emotional damage can be severe. The sooner you start to help a loved one, the better their chances of recovery.
Talking to a friend or family member about their eating disorder
When approaching a loved one about an eating disorder, it's important to communicate your concerns in a loving and non-confrontational way. Pick a time when you can speak to the person in private, then explain why you're concerned. Try to remain positive, calm, focused, and respectful during conversations.
Your loved one may deny having an eating disorder or may become angry and defensive. However, it's important you don't give up. It may take some time before your loved one is willing to open up and admit to having a problem. Still, as difficult as it is to know that someone you love has an eating disorder, you cannot force someone to change. Unless it’s a young child, the decision to seek recovery has to come from them. But you can help by making it clear that you’ll continue to be there for him or her, with your compassion and support, whenever they’re ready to tackle the problem.
How to talk to someone about their eating disorder
Be careful to avoid critical or accusatory statements, as this will only bring out your friend’s or family member’s defenses. Instead, focus on the specific behaviors that worry you.
  • Focus on feelings and relationships, not on weight and food. Share your memories of specific times when you felt concerned about the person’s eating behavior. Explain that you think these things may indicate that there could be a problem that needs professional help.
  • Tell them you are concerned about their health, but respect their privacy. Eating disorders are often a cry for help, and the individual will appreciate knowing that you are concerned.
  • Do not comment on how they look. The person is already too aware of their body. Even if you are trying to compliment them, comments about weight or appearance only reinforce their obsession with body image and weight.
  • Make sure you do not convey any fat prejudice, or reinforce their desire to be thin. If they say they feel fat or want to lose weight, don’t say “You’re not fat.” Instead, suggest they explore their fears about being fat, and what they think they can achieve by being thin.
  • Avoid power struggles about eating. Do not demand that they change. Do not criticize their eating habits. People with eating disorders are trying to be in control. They don’t feel in control of their life. Trying to trick or force them to eat can make things worse. 
  • Avoid placing shame, blame, or guilt on the person regarding their actions or attitudes. Do not use accusatory “you” statements like, “You just need to eat.” Or, “You are acting irresponsibly.” Instead, use “I” statements. For example: “I’m concerned about you because you refuse to eat breakfast or lunch.” Or, “It makes me afraid to hear you vomiting.”
  • Avoid giving simple solutions. For example, “If you’d just stop, then everything would be fine!”

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How to squat with proper technique

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If you are working out in the gym and could only do one exercise it would be the squat. Why? Because no other exercise challenges the human body to operate as a single unit like the squat. The squat has long been heralded as the “King of Exercises” – and quite rightly so. Whether you’re doing it with weight on your back or all bodyweight, proper form is key. I found this article on squat form, and I thought it was written well, even if it is more towards squatting with a bar.
Benefits of squatting
One of the biggest misconceptions about the squat is that it is a leg exercise. The squat is in fact a full body exercise. Every muscle in your body is challenged when you squat. The legs and hips push the weight up, the abs and lower back back tense to stabilise your back, and the arms are used to pin the bar onto the back (or help with balance in the case of bodyweight squats).
  • Squats Build Muscle – Squats build muscle throughout your entire body faster than any other exercise. Squatting is a compound exercise that stresses your entire body as a complete unit. The stress put on your body by squats triggers a hormonal release of testosterone in your body. This elevated testosterone aids in producing muscle at a faster rate.
  • Squats improve your athleticism – If you want to become a better athlete no other exercise will improve your overall athleticism like the squat. Squatting helps you build explosive strength that carries over to most competitive sports.
  • Squats reduces injuries – Contrary to popular belief, squats do not cause injury (when performed correctly). Performing squats with proper form actually reduces the chance of injuring oneself. Why? Because squatting improves and maintains hip flexibility. Additionally, squats improve the stability of your knees, when using proper squat form.
Why you need proper squat form
Quite frankly, most people have no idea how use squat with correct form. In fact, I would estimate that 9/10 people I see squatting today are doing so with extremely poor from. This is a problem for 3 reasons:
  1. It is dangerous – While squatting with proper form is completely safe, squatting with poor form is extremely dangerous. Incorrect squat technique put a lot of stain on the lower back and knees and can quickly lead to serious injury.
  2. You are seriously compromising the benefits of squatting - When you don’t squat with proper form it completely defeats the purpose of squatting in the first place. Increased muscle, elevated testosterone, improved vertical leap – forget about it.
  3. You look like a complete idiot - To someone who knows how to squat properly there is nothing more pathetic than someone loading the bar up with a ton of weight than not squatting with proper form. Learn how to control your ego and do it right.
How to squat
The squat setup
  • Approach the rack with the bar at approximately mid-chest height.
  • Move under the bar and place it on your back. Hold the bar in place with your hands.
  • Stand with and even stance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with your feet facing out at a 30 degree angle.
  • Lift the bar out of the rack and take ONLY one step back. Take a big breath. Tense your entire body. Squat.
Squatting down
  • Start from the hips – Bend at your hips and sit back into the squat. Imagine you are sitting down on a seat. The hips joint should always bend before your knees.
  • Check your knees – Keep your knees out. Your knee joints should be pointing in the same direction as your feet all the way down. If your knee buckle in it normally means that the weight is too heavy.
  • Keep your weight back – Keep your weight distributed towards your heel.
  • Go all the way down – You should always aim to squat to at least parallel. Meaning, your hip joint needs to be at least parallel with your knee joint. This is incredibly difficult to judge yourself, even with the aid of a mirror. Ask someone else to assess your depth either in the gym or by video taping.
  • Think about squatting up - On the way down think about squatting up. This will help to prepare your brain and make the upward movement easier.
Squatting up
  • Bounce off the bottom – At the bottom position of the squat your hip muscles should be tight – storing energy. Use this energy to help you bounce out of the bottom of the squat. Ensure that you are bouncing off the hips – not the knees.
  • Focus on your glutes – When powering up out of the squat concentrate on squeezing your glutes together.
  • Drive your hips up – Most of the power for the squat comes from the hips. Drive the hips in an upward motion.
Racking the bar
  • Step forward. Ensure that your bar is over the pins before lowering the weight.

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Shoe business

   date: 2012-11-16 time: 22:52:12
The most important piece of gear for a runner besides your body is a good pair of running shoes. Choosing the wrong shoes can lead to improper running form, which may eventually lead to injuries. You may also suffer from black toenails, blisters, and ankle chafing. It’s a risky business because shoes can be quite expensive, so you want to be sure that you’re choosing what’s best for your individual case. Staring blankly at a big wall of shoes can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming, and it’s very easy to get sucked into a pair of shoes because they look cute, speedy, or cool. You’re goal should be to find a shoe that will offer adequate shock, absorption, motion control, flexibility, and durability. Yes, this is just as important for beginners as it is for seasoned runners. So, no running in Keds, skate shoes, flip flops, or any other shoe not meant for the sport of running just isn’t going to cut it. A good pair of running shoes should last from about 500 to 800 kilometers (300 to 500 miles), and it’s dependent on a lot of factors.
Pronation is an important concept to understand when choosing a pair of running shoes. There are 3 different types of pronators.

Normal pronation: The outside part of the heel makes initial contact with the ground. The foot “rolls” inward about fifteen percent, comes in complete contact with the ground, and can support your body weight without any problem. The rolling in of the foot optimally distributes the forces of impact. This movement is called “pronation,” and it’s critical to proper shock absorption. At the end of the gait cycle, you push off evenly from the front of the foot.
Overpronation: As with the “normal pronation” sequence, the outside of the heel makes the initial ground contact. However, the foot rolls inward more than the ideal fifteen percent, which is called “overpronation.” This means the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body, and shock isn’t absorbed as efficiently. At the end of the gait cycle, the front of the foot pushes off the ground using mainly the big toe and second toe, which then must do all the work.
Underpronation: Again, the outside of the heel makes initial contact with the ground. But the inward movement of the foot occurs at less than fifteen percent (i.e., there is less rolling in than for those with normal or flat feet). Consequently, forces of impact are concentrated on a smaller area of the foot (the outside part), and are not distributed as efficiently. In the push-off phase, most of the work is done by the smaller toes on the outside of the foot.
Now that you understand pronation, it’s time to figure out your foot type. By determining your arch height, it’s that much easier to determine your pronation. The easier way to figure out your arch height is by using the “wet test.” Wet the bottom of your bare foot, and then make a foot print on a flat, dry surface. You can use a sidewalk, but a piece of construction paper will also do the trick.

A - Normal (medium) arch: If you see about half of your arch, you have the most common foot type and are considered a normal pronator. Contrary to popular belief, pronation is a good thing. When the arch collapses inward, this “pronation” absorbs shock. As a normal pronator, you can wear just about any shoe, but may be best suited to a stability shoe that provides moderate arch support (or medial stability). Lightweight runners with normal arches may prefer neutral-cushioned shoes without any added support, or even a performance-training shoe that offers some support but less heft, for a faster feel.
B - Flat (low) arch: If you see almost your entire footprint, you have a flat foot, which means you’re probably an overpronator. That is, a micro-second after footstrike, your arch collapses inward too much, resulting in excessive foot motion and increasing your risk of injuries. You need either stability shoes, which employ devices such as dual-density midsoles and supportive “posts” to reduce pronation and are best for mild to moderate overpronators, or motion-control shoes, which have firmer support devices and are best for severe overpronators, as well as tall, heavy (over 75 kg [165 pounds]), or bow-legged runners.
C - High arch: If you see just your heel, the ball of your foot, and a thin line on the outside of your foot, you have a high arch, the least common foot type. This means you’re likely an underpronator, or supinator, which can result in too much shock traveling up your legs, since your arch doesn’t collapse enough to absorb it. Underpronators are best suited to neutral-cushioned shoes because they need a softer midsole to encourage pronation. It’s vital that an underpronator’s shoes have no added stability devices to reduce or control pronation, the way a stability or motion-control shoe would.
Once you’ve determined your foot type and degree of pronation, what’s next? It’s time to shop! But, where do you begin with hundreds upon hundreds of choices? For starters, let’s take a look at the anatomy of a running shoe.
Upper: The part of the shoe that wraps around the top of the foot.
Heel counter: A firm cup that is encased in the upper and surrounds the heel. It controls rearfoot motion.
Midsole: The cushioning layer between the upper and the outsole. It is usually made of ethylene vinyl acetate, polyurethane, or a combination of the two. Dual-density midsoles have a former material on the inside of the shoe. It helps limit pronation. Many shoe companies also put proprietary technologies in their midsoles, such as air, gel, and plastics.
Outsole: The undersurface of the shoe, usually made from carbon rubber.
There are different types of shoes that support different runners. Here is a brief breakdown.
Stability shoes: Stability running shoes are designed for people who have normal or medium arched feet. When running, the foot strikes the ground at the middle to outside of the heel. The weight then travels along the foot and rolls slightly inward on to the ball of the foot and leaves through the toes. This is a totally natural running action for the normal foot type. Stability running shoes support the running action as the runner has a normal pronation or foot rotation when running. These shoes are still required and will enhance the running action far better than a lateral motion shoe such as basketball or tennis shoes. The stability shoe has elements of all types of running shoes in them. Some rigidity is required but not too much so normal pronation is allowed. Some cushioning is required to absorb the shock. These elements will help prevent injuries that the wrong footwear can cause.
Motion-controlled shoes: Motion-control running shoes are designed for people who have low arches or flat feet, these are feet with a very low arch if any arch at all. Runners with this foot type when running will usually strike the ground on the outer edge of the foot. The weight then transfers from the heel up the foot and the foot excessively rotates inward, this is called overpronation. This needs a specialist running shoe as overpronation can cause injuries as the weight transfers unnaturally. Motion-control running shoes help a runner with this foot type as the shoe is more rigid and prevents the excessive rotation. It does this by having a medial post in the sole, the shoe will have a slightly wider sole and be slightly bulkier to prevent the excessive rotation. The runners action is not affected but they may notice less pain and strain in the feet after the run and will see less injuries in the long term.
Cushioned shoes: Cushioned running shoes are designed for people who have high arched feet. Their foot print will leave a thin band at the edge of the foot. Some will not have a band at all and the arch will expand the whole way across the foot. When running the weight travels from the heel strike along the outer edge of the foot and through to the small toes which bare the brunt of the lift off. The foot has barely any rotation and this is called underpronation or supination. The lack of rotation creates a lot of shock on the joints. The cushioned running shoe will absorb this shock. The shoe will be flexible and allow more natural pronation as it contains no devices like medial posts found in other shoes to prevent rotation. Runners with this foot type will find they get shin splints and knee problems allot more than other runners lack of shock absorption their foot type causes.
If you’re still unsure and confused about this process, check out a specialty running store. A lot of running stores have “shoe experts,” and they can help lead you in the right direction. They should provide you with a few choices to try on. Some stores may even allow you to take different shoes for a quick test run. Most stores are pretty flexible when it comes to exchanges/returns. If you find that your shoes are causing problems, take them back and try something else. It’s hard to be completely certain that a shoe is right for you unless you try them.
Questions that a good salesperson should ask are:
  1. How long have you been running?
  2. How much mileage are you doing?
  3. Where do you do most of your running?
  4. How much do you weigh?
  5. Are you aware of any foot problems, such as flat feet or over-/underpronation?
Key pointers when shoe shopping:
  1. Wear the socks that you plan on wearing while running. If you don’t have any, buy some moisture wicking socks beforehand.
  2. Your feet will expand while running, so opt for 1/2 to 1 size up from your normal, everyday shoes. You should aim to have at least 1 thumb width between your toes and the tip of the shoe. The key is to have the shoes fit not too snug, but also not too loose as to where your feet are sliding around.
  3. Both of your feet should be measure because a lot of people, including myself, have one foot that is slightly larger than the other. You should be fitted for the larger foot.

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I just wanna tell the world that you're mine

   date: 2012-11-16 time: 20:54:02
I'm both exhausted and excited which confuses me a bit. I'm exhausted because I'm so dehydrated and I just can't drink enough UGHHH!! And then I'm really excited because tomorrow is going to be such an awesome day. Early in the morning I'll take the bus to my hometown and spend the whole day and night (sleepover, woho) with my best friend who I haven't seen in way too long. Last time I saw her was in August and I've missed her really much so I'M REALLY EXCITED CAN YOU TELL??? We're also going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and drool over Robert Pattinson. He's my former celebrity crush before Harry ruined my life so yeah...fangirling is what's going to happen!
Today was quite a good day though.
  • My last class was cancelled.
  • My plans for the weekend are all set!
Omg I planned to write at least like 10 things of what good things this day had to offer but I couldn't remember anything more than this. Sad.
Last year on the premier of Breaking Dawn Part 1
However... Tomorrow I won't be very active on here due to obvious reasons, but I'm probably gonna create a couple of posts which will be posted during the day. Now have a lovely morning/day/evening/night or whatever time of the day it is where you live and I'll see you soon 

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Oh how I wish that was me

   date: 2012-11-16 time: 00:15:36
Ugh, my computer seems to think it's really funny to mess with me. I've been trying for 3 hours straight to transfer the bonus tracks from Take Me Home Deluxe Edition to my iPhone, and it DOES NOT WORK AND NOW I GIVE UP. I'm tired and I've had way to many feels for Harry these last couple of hours, this is not fun. I'll try again tomorrow morning or something... Now I need my sleep. Less than 5 hours tonight, woho let's rock this................

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Find your greatness

   date: 2012-11-15 time: 21:46:45
This is Nathan. He is 12 years old. He's from London, Ohio. Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us.
Fantastic ad from Nike. I almost cried. GUYS I CAN'T HELP IT, STUFF LIKE THESE MAKE ME VERY EMOTIONAL. It's just so inspiring. My heart can't take it.

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   date: 2012-11-15 time: 21:40:18
You guys know how sometimes in horror movies, the person is covering away from the killer or monster or whatever and they put their hands over their ears and squeeze their eyes shut and keep going "you're not real...you're not real..YOU'RE NOT REAL!..."? That's what I do until I feel better when I see pictures like these of Harry. And of course I have to torment myself by having them as my wallpaper.
It's starting to literally become frustrating to me how actually PERFECT his face is. Who looks like that?! No one looks like that, Harry!!!

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Salmon with Tomato-Olive Salad

   date: 2012-11-15 time: 20:40:00
Salmon with Warm Tomato-Olive Salad (4 servings)
 5 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for brushing
 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp red wine vinegar
 1 tbsp honey
 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
 4 pieces of 170g salmon fillets (about 3 cm [1 1/4 inches] thick)
 1 clove garlic, coarsley chopped
 1 dl (½ cup) coarsley chopped pitted kalamata olives
 2 medium beefsteak tomatoes, cut into 2½ cm (1 inch) chunks
 2 dl (1 cup) sliced celery (inner stalks with leaves)
 ½ dl (1/4 cup) roughly chopped fresh mint

Preheat the broiler. Line a broiler pan with foil and lightly brush with olive oil. Whisk 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp vinegar, the honey, red pepper flakes and 1 tsp salt in a small bowl. Put the salmon, skin-side down, on the prepared pan and brush the tops and sides with the honey glaze. Broil until golden brown and just cooked through, 4 to 6 minutes. Meanwhile, put the garlic on a cutting board and sprinkle with a generous pinch of salt, then mash into a paste with the flat side of a large knife. Heat the remaining 3 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp vinegar, the olives and garlic paste in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until bubbling, about 3 minutes. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the tomatoes, celery and mint. Season with salt and toss to combine. Serve with the salmon.

Recipe from this blog.

Per serving:

  • Calories: 433
  • Fat: 26 g
  • Cholesterol: 97 mg
  • Sodium: 982 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 10 g
  • Fiber: 1 g
  • Protein: 38 g


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I'll be drunk again, to feel a little love

   date: 2012-11-15 time: 18:21:00
What am I doing at the moment? Everything besides what I really should be doing. And that's pretty much almost always my answer to that question, I've come to realize. Is that a bad thing?
To be more specific I'm lying in my bed in a comfy hoodie without pants (sorry for TMI), thinking about a whole lot of stuff including if I should be doing my homework. Which obviously needs to be done, but as always I'm procrastinating.
I've been having a lot of thoughts today like always, but now they can't seem to be remembered. I guess they will bombard me when I'm going to sleep tonight, like always. While that subject is up; I slept on the floor tonight. NO I DIDN'T FELL OUT OF MY BED AND ACCIDENTLY LANDED ON THE FLOOR AND THOUGHT 'I'M TOO LAZY TO GET UP AGAIN I'LL JUST SLEEP HERE INSTEAD'. I just didn't like my bed last night. It was seriously SO FREAKING HOT in it so I thought "ugh, I'll just sleep on the floor". I deserve some kind of award for my wierdness, seriously. It was actually comfortable. Except for when I woke up and it felt as if someone had beaten the crap out of me. And it was cold too. I should probably stop writing now.
My plans before going to sleep is;
  • to get my homework done
  • to exercise
  • to take a shower
  • to clean up in my room BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A MESS ugh
  • to try to answer more of you're questions
  • to eat dinner
  • to look through some blogs
HAHA EXCUSE THE PIC - howeveeeer: I'll just spend a few more minutes lying here listening to Ed Sheeran while thinking about my life before I get started BECAUSE LET'S FACE IT, I really don't want to do any of the things I have to.

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4 questions to ask yourself before you begin eating

   date: 2012-11-15 time: 17:47:16
Am I hungry? Seems like a silly question, because you're eating, so you must be hungry, right? Many times we reach for food out of boredom, convenience (the bag of chips was open), depression (chocolate to drown your breakup sorrows), happiness (to celebrate a promotion), or desire (who could pass up the amazing brownies your co-worker brought in?). But if we recently ate, then we're not even hungry. Make sure you're due for a snack or meal before sitting down to eat one.
Is this food filling holes in my diet? We eat to live and that means the food we gobble down should offer our bodies the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. Aside from being healthy, our daily diet should also be balanced. If you ate a high-protein breakfast of eggs and Greek yogurt topped with nuts, then for a morning snack you probably want to eat something that offers your body something besides protein, such as fiber, potassium, or vitamin A. Think of each snack and meal as a piece of your daily diet puzzle; an opportunity to take in what your body is lacking.
Is it the correct portion size? It's snack time, and you're sitting down to a banana, toast with peanut butter, a cheese stick, and crackers. Although healthy, that's way more calories than a typical snack should be. Depending on your weight, and your weight-loss goals, keep your breakfast between 300 and 500 calories, lunch between 400 and 600 calories, and dinner around 400 and 600 calories.
Are there healthier alternatives to make this healthier? You could smear butter on a plain bagel, or you could spread almond butter on a piece of whole-grain bread. We can't always choose the healthier alternative (and sometimes we don't want to when it comes to foods we really crave), but the majority of your meals and snacks should be as healthy as possible. Look for easy ways to cut down on calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars.

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Rant #1.1

   date: 2012-11-14 time: 22:16:00
Btw, just so you know, I'M NOT IGNORING YOU MY PRECIOUS LITTLE DARLINGS. I just want to take time and give you good answers and not just throw together something bad, only so you'll get an answer fast. I have a lot to catch up with like you can see, but I will, so just hold on a little longer, I'll get to your question 

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Rant #1

   date: 2012-11-14 time: 22:07:00
I can't believe I'm making a post this unnecessary but whatever. Like a lot of you already know, today has been the first time since I first created my instagram account that I've taken a "day off". It felt like something that had to be done, because I'm seriously always obsessing over it and I always check it, even when I'm in class, which leads to me not focusing enough and blaha, yeah. I've found myself about to open up the app at least 5 times. I've missed it so much, but at the same time I know I needed it. I've actually been revaluing with myself today and I'll probably drift away more and more from anything but fitness, so all of you are probably gonna be really excited now huh? No more (well, maybe 2-3 posts a week, I CAN'T LET IT GO COMPLETELY SORRY) pictures where I just have to fangirl a bit over Harry, probably some text posts, and yeah, the same old stuff, just not as much as it's been lately.
And for the record; I'm probably gonna start blogging a bit more about my personal life here too. I really don't care if you're interested about it though (sorry not sorry) because I need to vent my thoughts and get it all out of my head. I think way too much and I do have another blog, a personal one, but that's in Swedish and as odd as this may sound I always think in English so I think writing in English here will work for me a lot better. I need to stop writing now before we get an entire novel. BYE LOVE YA...well, bye after this:
I thought that now that I'm actually gonna use this as my personal venting place (sorry) you could ask me some questions about..me. Sounds boring, might be boring, but you could give it a shot? Is it something you would like to know about me? Anything random? Because I like random. Questions like What song would you like to be played on your funeral? What would you do if you ever met your celebrity crush (aka Harry Styles)? How did you meet your best friend? How much money do you currently have? What's your latest text saying? Do you like pineapple on pizza? 
OH WOW I'M NOT GUNNA WRITE DOWN MORE QUESTIONS NOW I'LL JUST LEAVE IT HERE. I hope you get where I'm trying to take you though. JUST ASK ME! It will be fun. All wierd and completely asshole questions will be answered too. Just. Ask. Me. Anything. Stupid or not. I have a feeling that I won't get any questions and I'm just gonna feel stupid for taking time and giving you this opportunity but whatever...lol.

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Get Your Best Legs

   date: 2012-11-14 time: 19:41:02
First know that you can't reduce fat in just one place. Your body takes a little bit of fat from everywhere, more or less in some places due to your genetics. Doing a ton of leg exercises isn't necessarily going to make all that fat disappear, at least not by itself. We do these exercises to shape and tone the muscles so your legs have a great shape. If you aren't eating healthy and doing cardio those sexy muscles are going to be hidden no matter how many squats you do. Gaining muscle helps, it increases the metabolism thus burning more calories, but you have to work the rest of your body and have a clean diet too.
Try doing one video or pick five exercises and do 3 sets of 8-12 reps (or until you feel the burn) about 3-4 days a week. Do cardio 3-5 days a week too, it can be running, biking, swimming, Zumba, kickboxing, whatever gets your heart pounding and sweat dripping. You can combine strength workouts and cardio into the same day if you want. Make sure to eat protein after your workouts, it helps build muscle!
These are, in my opinion, the best thigh and leg exercises and videos. I’ve included links to instructions for most of the exercises and a variety that you can do at home or at the gym. If you workout at home try to get some 8-10 lbs dumbbells, or get a backpack/duffel bag and fill it with heavy books to challenge yourself.
If you have access to a gym try these machines and equipment:
If you don't have access to a gym try these exercises at home:
These are my favorite leg videos:

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Introduction to the different types of yoga

   date: 2012-11-12 time: 17:36:21
Bikram Yoga - Get ready to sweat. You will be practicing in a 40 C (105 F) heat and in 40% humidity. Though Bikram only has 26 poses and there's a lot of alignment work so it is a good fit for beginners.
Hatha Yoga - This class is also likely to be focused on slow and gentle movements so it's a great type of yoga to wind down at night with.
Vinyasa Yoga - You'll definitely be moving, flowing from one pose to the next. It is the most popular style of yoga in America.
Kundalini Yoga - Refers to the energy of the Root Chakra, which surrounds the area around your lower spine. Expect lots of work in your core area, these classes are known to be intense.
Ashtanga Yoga - Commonly called Power Yoga. Ashtanga is definitely physically demanding. It is probably best suited for an ex-athlete or someone who is looking to push their body.
Iyengar Yoga - Expect lots of props with this style of yoga such as blocks, harnesses, straps and even cushions. There's also a lot of focus on alignment so Iyengar can be great for physical therapy.
Anusara Yoga - Expect many heart opening poses like backbends and more talking by the instructor. It is epitomized by the Celebration of the Heart.
Restorative Yoga - If you're looking to wind down after a long day of work and quiet your mind, Restorative yoga might be the answer to the relaxation.
Juvamukti Yoga - Is a mix of vinyasa flow sequencing infused with chanting and a vegetarian twist.

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Fruit and fat loss

   date: 2012-11-10 time: 23:45:00
The amount of fruit sugar (fructose) varies from fruit to fruit and may have some adverse metabolic effects, such as a decrease in fat burning. However, the benefits of fruit (low in caloies, high in fiber, water and nutrient content) outweigh the adverse effects on most people. But if you are having trouble losing weight and can't figure out why, limiting your fruit intake may help.
Firstly, it's important to differentiate between naturally occuring sugar and added sugar. Most experts recommend a minimum of 130 grams of total carbs per day, including fruits and whole grains. In general, no more than 10 percent of your calories should come from added sugars found in products like sweetened beverages, sauces and dressings. While fruit does not contain added sugars, if you are trying to lose weight, limiting your sugar intake is key, and this means no more than two servings of fruit per day. That's a medium banana and a half cup (1 dl) of berries. But if you're active and do not have excess belly fat, you can go up to three or four servings a day.
Besides sugar, the total number of calories also counts. Fruit contains almost three times the calories per serving as most nonstarchy vegetables, so don't consider fruit a "free food" (where the calories don't matter), as you may unknowingly consume up to 250 extra calories per day. This may prevent you from losing one pound of fat every two weeks. Avoid dried fruit, fruit cups and fruit juice, since they're higher in calories and typically lower in fiber than fresh or frozen fruit. For effective weight loss, stick with fresh or frozen fruit only. And remember, while natural sugar is healthier than refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, it still contains the same number of calories per serving (four per gram).
Slim pickings
Some fruit pack hidden, weight-loss and fat-burning potential. Add these to salads, stir into yogurt, whirl into a smoothie or eat out of hand.
1. Apples contain pectin, a great source of dietary fiber, which keeps you full longer and helps in weight loss.
   - Dip a few slices in natural peanut butter for a mid-morning snack.
2. Cranberries have antimicrobial properties that render E. coli bacteria harmless, warding off kidney and urinary tract infections.
   - Mix a few into your morning oatmeal with chopped walnuts. Add raw honey to tame the tartness, if desired.
3. Berries contain soluble fiber, which slows digestion and helps to reduce body fat build-up.
   - Toss a handful into a protein shake or mix into a Greek yogurt parfait.
4. Grapefruit contains nootkatone, a naturally-occurring energy booster, which may help increase fat burning.
   - Garnish a warm chicken breast salad with several slices.
5. Persimmons contain six grams of fiber per fruit, twice the amount as apples.
   - Eat one per day, and try it with the skin intact.

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Steps to getting over a plateau

   date: 2012-11-10 time: 20:43:10
  • Keep the faith. You may feel stuck, but you're probably still losing weight - just not enough to register on the scale. (Hey - Even dropping a third of a pound per week means that in a year, you'll be down a whole 17 pounds.)
  • Avoid fuzzy math. It's common to overestimate calories burned and underestimate calories eaten. Look for places where caloires may hide - dressings, spreads, sauces, croutons, and condiments. Keep a detailed food diary.
  • Put up some resistance. Increasing physical activity is particularly useful for moving beyond a plateau, because exercise both uses calores and builds muscle.
  • Trick your metabolism. Many fitness gurus claim that surprising your body with a change in diet, workout or both can shift you out of a weight loss rut. Change up your routine. If you are doing the same exercises over and over again, your body "knows" what to expect.
  • Reboot and recharge. If your motivation is non-existent, write down all the reasons you originally wanted, and still want, to lose weight. Look at the list every day. Let friends and family know what you're up to, and ask for their support. Make a Vision Board with photos and words visualizing your successful body transformation.

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15 ways to find 15 minutes for exercise every day

   date: 2012-11-04 time: 21:33:43
1. Log Off Facebook
We now spend a whopping 7 hours a month on Facebook, according to Neilsen. Let’s do the math: Seven hours a month works out to 105 minutes each week or, hmmm, exactly 15 minutes every single day. You don’t have to banish Facebook from your life entirely, but limit it to two short sessions a day, like once in the morning over coffee and later in the evening. Then log out and stay off.

2. Say "No!"
Women usually have a very hard time with this one. But I think you'll really like it once you try it. Next time someone (not your big boss) asks you to do something you really don't want or need to do, say, "I'm sorry. No. I just can't", and feel the freedom - and all that free time - wash over you.

3. Plan Your Day
We all have certain times of the day when we are most focused and productive. Schedule your biggest task for that time (for many people it's in the morning, say 9:00 a.m.). You'll get it done more quickly and efficiently than if you wait to tackle it during a natural low point, like mid-afternoon.

4. Do One Thing at a Time
We pride ourselves on being supreme multitaskers, but trying to do too many things at once means getting nothing done. Sit down with your to-do list. Pick an item, and do it and only it. You'll be shocked by how quickly each task gets done when you give it your full attention.

5. Record Your Shows
A typical hour-long TV-show contains just 40 to 42 minutes of real content - the rest is commercials. Watch two shows and that's almost 40 minutes you could have spent doing something else. It's well worth investing in a digital TV-recorder so you can watch just what you want when you want, and free up time to pursue more healthful activities, like 15-minute workouts.

6. Don't Be a Neatnik
Is it really all that important that your apartment is spotless? Stop wasting precious time folding your sheets just because, and polishing picture frames and aim for an adequate level of cleanliness instead.

7. Be Decisive!
You can easily waste hours choosing what color to paint your walls or which brand of sneakers to buy (it's called analysis paralysis). At some point, you need to stop waffling and move forward. Set a time limit, say 45 minutes, for comparison shopping, weighing pros and cons, etc., then make a decision and go forth.

8. Buy Time
Pay for services that suck up tons of time. Before you pooh-pooh the idea of hiring a laundry or cleaning service, sit down and do a little math. If you've been known to blow a few hundred bucks on shoes and bags you don't really need while you slave away all your spare time scrubbing the tub, it's time to reconsider your expenditures. By hiring a cleaning service to do the heavy-duty stuff twice a month and looking into premade meal plans, you'll buy yourself hours every week.

9. Ink It On Your Calendar
Amazing how you find time for everything on your calendar, right? That's because it's there in black and white, demanding your attention (and time). Block out your workouts as you would work appointments and you won't miss them.

10. Set a Timer
Certain activities are black holes for time. All the little things you plan to do for just a few minutes - surfing the web, playing games on your phone - can suck away hours if you're not careful. Keep a kitchen timer nearby. When you start a task, set it for 15 minutes. Then stop when the bell rings.

11. Touch It Once
When a paper comes across your desk or an e-mail hits your inbox, deal with it right away. Piled up paper and messages not only create distracting clutter, you also waste time revisiting each issue again (and again) or, worse, losing something important.

12. Pick Up the Phone
Texting and emailing can be great timesavers, but sometimes it takes 15 messages to accomplish what you could do in a 40-second phone call. As soon as it starts getting complicated, pick up the phone.

13. Put Things in Their Place
I used to waste precious time looking for my keys. At any given time they could have been anywhere - pockets, drawers, purses, or my personal favorite, hanging from the door lock. Place your things on a certain place every time you put it away. Try this trick with anything you lose regularly. It works.

14. Set Out Your Stuff
Setting out your exercise clothes at night makes it far more likely that you will get up and get moving for a morning workout, instead of hitting snooze (or worse, skipping the whole affair entirely) because it's too daunting to get up and start rummaging around for your workout gear.

15. Get Up 15 Minutes Earlier
Vow to work out at 5 a.m. every day and you'll never do it. But even the most nocturnal of night owls can roll out of the sack a mere 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Even if you don't use that extra time for your workout, you'll get to the office earlier than usual, so you'll be more likely to take that 15 minutes for yourself later in the day.

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Raw Vegan Ice Cream

   date: 2012-11-03 time: 20:48:31
Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream (2 generous servings)
 2 ripe bananas, frozen
 1 tbsp carob powder
 1 dl (½ cup) muesli or granola
 2 tsp ground flax seed
 2 tsp ground psyllium
Add all the ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth. Sprinkle some seeds on top. You can also add almonds, walnuts...or any other nuts you want.
Recipe from this blog.

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Green Smoothie Cups

   date: 2012-11-02 time: 14:48:00
These coconut green smoothie cups are your answer to a hurry up smoothie. Simply blend up all the ingredients, freeze them in muffin cups and place them in a Zip-lock bag for later use. 
Green Smoothie Cups (12 muffin-sized bites)
 4 3/4 dl (2 cups) coconut water
 3/4 dl (1/3 cup) almonds
 4 3/4 dl (2 cups) spinach
 2 celery stalks, chopped
 ½ dl (1/4 cup) fresh mint
 ½ orange
 1 tbsp honey
 ½ tsp ginger powder
 4 3/4 dl (2 cups) frozen mango cubes
Place the ingredients in the order listed in a blender container and whirl until smooth. Divide mixture among 12 muffin cups and freeze until solid. When ready for a refreshing drink, place 2 dl (1 cup) coconut water or regular water in a blender followed by two of the green cups and whirl. If you don't have a powerful blender, you might need to cut the frozen smoothie cups into quarters first.
Recipe from this blog.

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Why starving seems to work

   date: 2012-11-02 time: 11:02:57
It's hard to explain to someone who has nearly or fully starved themselves for a few days that what they're doing isn't effective. The proof is right there on the scale, right? Two pounds, five pounds, ten pounds flushed from their bodies like that, simply from not eating.
Wrong. Losing real weight from starving is physically impossible. Your body absolutely can not lose that much weight in a week. It's not because you weren't working hard enough, or didn't starve for long enough. It's because you can't do it, just like you can't grow gills and live underwater like a fish.
Here's what happens when your body is starved of nutrients:

Your body realizes that it needs energy to continue to function, to blink and breathe and scratch your forehead. All of this requires power source, and it has to get it from somewhere. When you don't give your body the energy it needs from food, it cannibalizes itself as an energy source. The prime directive of the body is that it must have energy at any cost.
The protein in your muscles is the only energy source a starving person has, and since you aren't eating, it's the only choice you are left with. Your body will begin to destroy muscle cells to release that protein so it can convert it into energy. Muscles are about 70% water, so when a muscle cell is destroyed, that water is released and eventually excreted. That's your weight loss.
Your body didn't convert any lumpy fat into lean muscle. It didn't begin to use fat as an energy source. It didn't just magically get rid of three or four pounds of pure fat. It's going to keep you alive at any cost, and that means burning up the muscle and using that to power you. Guess what? You've just increased your body fat percentage. Fat weighs less than muscle and takes up more space, so you might even look bigger than before.
You've also lowered your metabolism. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, so the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate. The next bite of food you take, your body will use less efficiently and will hold on to much longer, converting it into fat and storing it for the long famine ahead.
Starving is not an effective weight loss tool. Not just because you shouldn't starve yourself, not just because of the incredibly dangerous effects it has on your brain, not just because it can ruin your body forever. It really doesn't work.
If you continue to starve yourself, your body will never get over that period of starvation. Your brain is programmed for survival, not for skinny, and you'll become permanently hardwired to think that there is never enough, that you are constantly starving, even when you're not.
Anorexia and Bulimia are extreme psychological diseases, and the above is your body's evolutionarily hardwired response to trying desperately to survive on so very little nutrients. It is not your fault. If you're struggling with starving, please consider getting help.

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Q/a - 2/11

   date: 2012-11-02 time: 10:22:00
1. Aw, this is without a doubt one of the cutest messages EVER! Lots of love gorgeous 
4. Byter färg? Det har jag ju inte. Menar du att det blir ljusare när man drar muspekaren över den? 
5. Åhhh asdfghj, TACK! Men tycker inte du ska säga något. Din design är ju grym!
6. Har aldrig gjort eget jordnötssmör faktiskt. Jag köper Green Choice, som bara innehåller jordnötter och salt 
7. I'll just make a post about it instead of explaining it here since there are so many people wondering about it. I'm not sure what you mean, but if I understood correctly you're wondering what I do when I exercise, right? I do strength training, different types of cardio, stretching and yoga. I actually like each one, and they're all so different so I can't really pick a favorite. I could make a post on some lean proteins as well. Okay?  And I'm flattered to be considered as a role model, wow! Thank you heaps! 
8. Förlåt, ska försöka förklara! 80% handlar om kosten och vad du äter, och 20% är träningen. Man kan inte träna och sen äta skräpmat och förvänta sig att få sin drömkropp. Man ska äta bra alla dagar i veckan, men ha kanske en eller två måltider då man äter vad man vill. Förstår du? 
9. Åh så glad jag blir! Det är helt okej att inte göra det, det är verkligen inget som är nödvändigt. Problemet kan vara att även om du äter nyttig mat så kanske du äter antingen för mycket eller för lite. För lite mat gör så att din kropp håller kvar allt du matar den med, och för mycket mat gör också att du går upp i vikt (som de allra flesta redan vet). Försök att skriva ner allt du äter under en dag för att se till så att det är rätt mängd, och ändra sedan om utefter det. Hoppas det blir bra för dig, lycka till! 
10. Awesome! Be sure to tell me how it turned out and if you liked it! 
11. Hej du! Tack så jättemycket  Så kul, låter som en superbra idé tycker jag! Jag vet inte hur jag ska formulera det här utan att låta bitchig, men jag har lagt ner väldigt mycket tid på designen och jag tycker att jag har lyckats göra den relativt personlig, så det skulle vara tråkigt om någon annan hade en liknande, eller likadan. Hoppas du har förståelse. Kram! 
12. Min?  Y U NO LIKE ME??? Nej, men jag läser faktiskt inga bloggar så jag vet inte, tyvärr 
13. Åh så härligt att höra, och tack! 

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Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

   date: 2012-11-01 time: 22:29:00
This is made as a light and simple, low carb, gluten-free dinner, but if you want the carbs this would also be great over whole wheat pasta or even served with some crusty bread to soak up the juice.
Grilled Chicken Bruschetta (serves 4)
 3 medium vine ripe tomatoes
 2 small cloves garlic, minced
 ½ dl (1/4 cup) chopped red onion
 2 tbsp fresh basil leaves, chopped
 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
 salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste
 85 g (3oz) part skim mozzarella, diced
 ½ kg (1.25 lbs) chicken cutlets
Combine onion, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. Set aside a few minutes. Chop tomatoes and place in a large bowl. Combine with garlic, basil, onion-balsamic combo and additional salt and pepper to taste. Set aside and let it sit at least 10 minutes or as long as overnight. Toss in the cheese when ready to serve. Season chicken with salt and fresh pepper. Grill the chicken cutlets on your indoor or outdoor grill, top with bruschetta and serve.
Recipe from this blog. 
Nutritional information per serving size: Calories: 236.8  Fat: 8.5 g  Protein: 32.4 g 
 Carb: 6.8 g  Fiber: 1.3 g  Sugar: 0.5 g  Sodium: 182.9 mg (without the salt)

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“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.”

   date: 2012-11-01 time: 13:38:00
Okay, so lately I've been thinking about making a post about what I'm now about to make a post about (woah that sounded tricky). However, I know a lot of you probably think of me as a person who never make mistakes, never cheats, and just do everything perfect all the time. I just need you to know that this is not the case.
My entire life I've had such a hard time hydrating. I literally hate to drink, doesn't matter what it is, and I'm barely never ever thirsty. I can't drink anything and like really enjoy drinking it. I have to push myself every single day to drink and even though I do that, I am still not drinking enough, and it really bothers me since it's so important. I wish I could enjoy it, but I just don't. I hear people who are into fitness and health and all of them say how much they love water. I don't. I don't like water. Well, I like water, but I don't like drinking water, if that even makes sense. I mean, I have no problem whatsoever with the taste, but to drink it, ugh, no. So that's like one of my biggest issues.
Another problem of mine is tadadada; eating to fast. I. Can't. Eat. Slowly. Every time I eat something I eat it sooo fast. I neeeeeed to learn how to eat slow so badly.
I sleep way to little. This week I've been getting over 8 hours of sleep every night, so I'm proud over that, but on school nights I always go to bed way too late. I'm not even getting 5 hours of sleep. I've just never been a big fan of going to bed, and my brain tells me not to sleep, because "IF YOU SLEEP ALEXANDRA YOU'LL WASTE HALF OF YOUR LIFE SLEEPING". Thank you brain.
So, I'm not perfect people. None of us are. Keep that in mind and be the best version of you. We'll make this work, and we're all here for each other, right? And excuse the awesomeness in those pics *cough*.

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Goals for November

   date: 2012-11-01 time: 10:05:25
With a new month ahead of us we need some goals, right? Yesterday on Instagram I asked all of you to comment your goals for this upcoming month. Before that I also wrote some goals for myself, so you can see those down here too. The goals I will try to seize will be bolded. Here are the results:
I will...sleep more.
I will...be happier.
I will...be more open towards new stuff.
I will...lose 4 pounds (2 kg).
I will... minimize food cheats.
I will...make the volleyball team.
I will...do better in math class.
I will...lose 8 pounds (3½ kg).
I will...drink more water.
I will...make at least one person smile every day.
I will...try something new when it comes to food (maybe vegan/vegetarian for a week).
I will...make some new workout schemes.
I will...upgrade my workout sessions.
I will...work on my discipline.
I will...do my homework.
I will...prepare my food.
I will...make a new habit.
I will...enjoy life.
I will...enjoy and appreciate that my boyfriend and I have been a couple for 5 years.
I will...enjoy my Thailand-trip for two weeks in the end of November.
I will...weigh less than 163 pounds (74 kg).
I will...be able to run 4.3 miles (7 km) relatively fast without stopping.
I will...acquire abs.
I will...get the best possible grades.
I will...not cheat, not once.
I will...go for a long run.
I will...work out 3-4 times a week.
I will...stretch more.
I will...do better at school.
I will...fit in my wedding dress.
I will...run 5K in 25 minutes.
I will...minimize salt and cheese intake.
I will...stretch every day.
I will...progress at gymnastics.
I will...get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
I will...not stop working out unless I'm sick or it's my rest day.
I will...have the courage to attend group-sessions in the gym.
I will...maintain my current weight.
I will...give myself a treat when I deserve it without getting anxious.
I will...eat clean.
I will...exercise 15 times this month.
I will...go for at least 27 runs.
I will...go to the gym every day for an hour.
I will...graduate.
I will...go up in all my weights.
I will...run 10K every other week.
I will...only eat 3 portions of fruit, a pack of tofu and unlimited green veggies each day, nothing more/less.
I will...eat the right amount of fruit/veggies every day.
I will...drink the right amount of water each day.
I will...compliment at least 2 people each day.
I will...raise my hand 3 times a day in school.
I will...ask for help from the teacher every time I don't understand something.
I will...finish my homework as soon as I get it and before I do anything else.
I will...blog at least once every day.
I will...get a penpal.
I will...eat slow every time I eat.
I will...write down at least one good thing that happens every day.
I will...read more.
I will...always be kind and loving.
I will...make the best out of everything.
I will...practice yoga everyday and become flexible.
I will...draw more.
I will...answer all questions I recieve.
What are your goals?

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