date: 2013-05-21 time: 22:10:33
having major harry feels help me

but just imagine kissing him and hearing him let out a little moan as you pull on his hair so in return he bites your lip because he knows it drives you crazy and you’re breathing his name and suddenly it’s a contest, who can last the longest and you’re running your hands over his abs underneath his tshirt while his mouth is on your neck and his hands are on your ass as he pulls you closer to him and finally you’ve had enough and you’re begging him just to give you what you want and he’s laughing at you, that low chuckle as his breath tickles your ear while he whispers “I knew I’d win” before he kisses you again and picks you up and your legs wrap round his waist as he carries you to the bed and just no this is nOT OKAY

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